ABC Upstairs Party Menu, Amherst MA
Amherst Brewing Company Upstairs Party Menu

We have ample space to accommodate a variety of functions, including birthday parties, wedding showers, and holiday work events. We know everyone has different requirements in terms of space and catering options, so please contact us at: 413-253-4400 and press #1 for more information. Email inquiries should be directed to:

The Details:

  • No Room Charge
  • Modest Linens Fee
  • Flowers available in-season; or we will work with your florist
  • Deposit required for parties of 50 people or more

We look forward to helping you plan your next special event!

ABC Appetizer Platters

German Sausage Platter $45.00

Mini Crab Cakes $36.00

Dumplings $30.00

Cucumber & Boursin $20.00

Stuffed Mushrooms  $23.00

Meatballs $25.00

Appetizer Suggestions

Chicken Fingers
Plain $25.00
Buffalo $28.00
BBQ $25.00
Teriyaki $28.00

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $30.00

Mini Egg Rolls $30.00

Poppers $28.00

Pizza Bites $25.00

ABC Platters

Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter $50.00
Melons, pineapple, and other assorted fruit in season.

Cheese Platter

Small Cheese platter   $40.00

Large Cheese platter   $60.00

Up to 5 different cheeses, a bread boule, crackers, olives, and our own spicy pickles.

Amherst Brewing Company -- Crudite Vegetable Platter

Wings Platter

Small Wing Platter $28.00
Large Wing Platter $55.00

Buffalo style chicken wings, carrot sticks, and our homemade bleu cheese dressing.

Veggie Platters

Small Veggie Platter $25.00
Large Veggie Platter $60.00

6 different veggies, 2 kinds of dressing, and our homemade hummus.

Amherst Brewing Company -- Chili

Nacho Platters

Plain $45.00
Meat Chili $50.00
Veggie Chili $47.00

Nacho chips, jack cheese, fresh
diced tomato, scallions, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole

Shrimp Platters

Small Shrimp Platter $60.00
Large Shrimp Platter $120.00

Fresh Atlantic shrimp served with our own ABC cocktail sauce.

Amherst Brewing Company -- Chili

Hero Sandwiches


Fresh-baked bread and your choice of sandwich filling.

Sliced and tooth-picked for easy serving.

Amherst Brewing Company -- Crudite Vegetable Platter

Cold Cut Combo

Italian Combo

Roast Beef

Veggie & Cheese

Egg Salad


Pizzas (12"x18") cut into squares
Cheese $22.00
Veggie $24.00
Pepperoni $25.00
BBQ Chicken $26.00
Buffalo Chicken $26.00
Mexi-Beef $26.00

ABC Dinner Options


Hotel Pan size
Veggie Lasagna $75.00
Meat Lasagna $90.00
Spicy Black Bean Lasagna $85.00

Mesclun Party Salad

Small $30.00
Large $45.00

Full Dinner Options Available

ABC Dessert Options

Sheet Cakes

11" x 16"
Vanilla $30.00
Chocolate $35.00

Apple Crisp

Old-fashioned New England favorite, hotel pan size
Apple Crisp $40.00

Add vanilla ice cream $1 per person

Frosted Brownies

Chocolate frosted, 13" x 18"
Brownie Platter $40.00

Party Drink Options

Coffee/Tea Station $30.00

All you can drink soda $1.00/person

Prices are subject to change without notice

LOOKING FOR DINNER STYLE MENU items for your Birthday Party, Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Class Reunion, or other function? We also offer other items not listed above. If there is anything that you had in mind, we will probably be able to accommodate you. We can set up a meeting to discuss your menu needs, and we can even design a menu with you and quote a cost per guest to help you budget your party. Call 413-253-4400, mailbox #1. 

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